Julie Richardson, of Carnation, WA

I added this girl on Yahoo, an attractive, innocent looking girl – or so I thought. . . I was very wrong in my assumption of her innocence!

The above pics  from Julie’s profile on Yahoo, show a woman who obviously loves posing for the camera.

But what I never would have thought, was how far she would go exhibiting herself to the camera – And yes, what a fine set of tits she has!

With my powers of persuasion (I really didn’t need them in Julie’s case!), I managed to get pics a plenty from her. And, to my amazement, she asked me to portray her on the blog as a true slut (I’m sure I’ll do my best!). Also, as the true exhibitionist that she is, she insisted that I publish ALL details about her – Name, Age, Bust Size, Location, Occupation, Etc…

So here I go –

  • Name : Julie Richardson.
  • Age : 41
  • Height : 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Location : Carnation, WA, USA (Travels worldwide in her job).
  • Occupation : Aerospace Industry.
  • Bust Size : 36D (We knew they were big!).
  • Other Info : Single, not attached. Loves sunbathing naked.

In the pic below, one of my favorites of Julie (well I’m a Ass Man really!), don’t you just wish you were the  crotch on that lovely thong that Julie is (almost!) wearing?

And just look at what she’s has ‘hiding’ under that skimpiest of thongs – a pussy and clit to DIE for, mmmmm!


In her daytime job, Julie is ‘Miss Prim and Proper’. But in her leisure time, she’s as far from that as you could imagine…

I know from my research, tha t Julie frequents interracial sites. She is a huge lover of BBC. I do not as yet, have pic proof of this – I am of course working on it (wink!).

I am also working on the possibility (wild dream!) that, as Julie travels in her job, and I know one of her ports of call is not too far from me, that she maybe would love some new pics taken for the blog. They would of course be as hot as hell. And you could be assured they would DEFINITELY show Julie as the true slut whore that is aching to be liberated from within her!




10 Responses to “Julie Richardson, of Carnation, WA”

  1. Well, Julie definitely has a body to die for – votes and comments will help to to encourage Julie to post more pics.
    It’s up to you guys out there, c’mon people!

  2. \/èRý sezy woman !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Julie Richardson Says:

    Hiya everyone, hope you like the pictures of me. As you guessed my pussy loves a nice big black cock or any cock come to that. I love having my three holes filled with huge loads of warm cum. I’m sure there are loads of guys out there who’d like to help this little cock teasing slut. I love to be naked and love the thought of other seeing me naked. I’m looking forwatd to hearing from you, my email address is: jmr291059@yahoo.com

    Slut Julie

  4. W O W !!!!!
    I wonder dies Julie ever travel to Dublin Ireland ?????
    If she does I want to be waiting at the end of the runway for her !!!!
    Hugs n Kisses to Julie
    Billy XXXXX
    Dublin Ireland

  5. And we’re STILL waiting for Part Two Julie!

    Anyone who wants more of Julie, LEAVE A COMMENT – Let Julie know what you want…

    C’mon Julie, your fans are waiting!!!

  6. Would love to see more of that. Love to see a sexy lady who knows it!
    Send me some more pics to my email address and if ever in West Virginia look me up.

  7. Lovely pics Julie. Thanks for sharing them

  8. might we guess that in your work you cum to charleston, sc, on occasion?

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